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1. Introduction

These general Terms and Conditions are part of the contract between you and SCI Islington (hereinafter referred to as SCI). We encourage you to study the following general terms and conditions carefully.


2. Reservation and Contract

With your oral or written (including web form or e-mail) reservation you will complete a contract with SCI. From that point on, the rights and obligations under the contract and the terms of the agreement for you and SCI will take effect. You will receive from your booking office immediately a reservation confirmation. If the reservation confirmation differs from the brochure description, you acknowledge with your payment the contract based on the reservation confirmation. If within 10 days from receive of the reservation confirmation no deposit payment is made, SCI can freely dispose the allocated object. Special requests from your part can only be  accepted by the booking office as a courtesy request. On its completion, there is no legal entitlement, unless SCI have this confirmed in writing. Any delay in payment of the rent in accordance with the provisions in Section 3.2. SCI may refuse the services.


3. Prices

3.1. Rental prices

Unless otherwise indicated, the published rates are to be understood as weekly prices for the entire rental property in the corresponding price period. The published prices apply until the new edition of the brochure or the update of the website. Subject to paragraph 3.4. ("Price changes") are the respective authoritative Prices valid at time of booking. Not included in the rent and pay on the spot are desired by the customer additional services (such as additional cleaning, linen, etc.). The minimum rental period is usually 7 days, arrival and departure days are every Saturday. Exceptions may be made with written confirmation of the booking office. In the prices the normal energy consumption is included, unless the description otherwise noted. Except for heating outside of the normal heating periods. From the booking confirmation, you can see whether the final cleaning is included. If this is not the case, the amount is specified.

3.2. Payments

The rental amount for the booked rental property must be paid before the trip, as follows: 30% of the rent from the reserved rental property must be paid within 10 days of booking. The balance is payable no later than 42 days before beginning to SCI. For short term bookings of less than 53 days prior to commencement of the rental is to be paid immediately on booking and due to SCI. Any delay in payment of the balance, respectively. the entire rental amount for last minute bookings, SCI can deny the services.

3.3. Cancellation fees

With a resignation by you we will charge you the fee and the following cancellation charges:

■ up to 43 days before arrival 10% of the rental price

■ 42 to 29 days before arrival 50% of the rental price

■ 28 to 2 days before arrival 80% of the rental price

■ 1 day before arrival and on arrival the entire invoiced amount owed determining factor for the arrival of your message at SCI (Swiss mobile phone +41 (0) 79 862 29 70). The object is not copied or later, the full invoice amount owed. We recommend that you take out simultaneously with the booking,a cancellation insurance. It covers the incurred cancellation fee, for cancellations prior to departure, due to illness, accident, death of the tenant, fellow travellers or close relatives (against presentation of a medical certificate). The cost of the cancellation guarantee is calculated as a percentage of the rent will be owed and also under warranty, as well as the processing fee.

3.4. Price changes

The object descriptions and price calculations have been made with care. Nevertheless, we can service and / or price changes do not rule out entirely. This will be advised at time of booking and no later than on the reservation confirmation. Validity, the information on the reservation confirmation. Performance changes after the contract is unlikely, but can not be ruled out entirely. If there is a significant change to a significant point in the contract, you have the right, within five days after receipt of notification for free to withdraw from the contract. Payments already made will be refunded promptly. Price changes to 22 days before arrival are expressly reserved for the following reasons: increase or introduction of taxes and taxes on certain services, changes in exchange rates after conclusion of the contract. If a price increase by more than 10%, you are entitled to rights under the preceding paragraph.


4. Arrival and departure; shortening or extension of stay

The journey must be accounted for in the booking confirmation, performed usually between 16 p.m. and 19 p.m., the check-out before 10 a.m.. The key holder will handover on arrival at the agreed time with you the keys at the Villa Vallon (7 Avenue du Vallon, Beauvallon Bartole - Grimaud) personally. If you arrive later than 19 p.m., the key holder must be informed through the booking office in time about it (the email address and mobile number of the key holder, you receive with the reservation confirmation). In case you can‘t  take the item as agreed, for example due to increased traffic congestion, strikes, etc., or for personal reasons, the full rent remains owed. The same applies if you leave the property early. If you want to extend your stay, please talk early with the booking office.


5. Replacement rental properties and dissolution of the contract by SCI

SCI you can, if not ahead of foreseeable demand or unavoidable circumstances, to assign an equivalent property. SCI is entitled to terminate the contract before or during the rental period if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances jeopardize the transfer of the rental property impossible, the tenant or the property or the provision of services interfere with that contract enforcement is no longer reasonable follows. Payments already made will, if necessary with the deduction for services rendered, paid back. SCI is not liable for damages in any of the cases mentioned in paragraph 5.


6. Deposit

With the final payment of the full rental fee in addition a deposit of EUR 600 is - to be deposited. The amount of the deposit and payment (by bank transfer or Paypal) refer to the reservation confirmation. If the deposit is not provided, the transfer of property may be refused.


7. Assignment

The leased property must be occupied only by the intended number of persons (children included). Additional persons may be rejected by the key holder or invoiced separately.


8. Other obligations of the tenant

The rental property is to use carefully. It should also be taken into account and so on neighbours. The cleaning of kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery is the responsibility of the lessee (and not included in the final cleaning). Caused a loss of tenant or co-users, this is immediately reported to the key holder. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him or the co-user damage, unless they can prove it is not at fault. The same applies if the apartment can be passed to the tenant. Damages will be deducted from the deposit.


9. Complaints, Claims

If the property is not in proper contractual condition or if you suffer an injury, it must be reported immediately to the key holder. If the defect can not be fixed within a reasonable period, the booking office is to be notified.. The key holder respectively the booking office are not authorized to recognize claims. Any claims must be lodged within four weeks after the rental period the booking office to register and writing the necessary evidence (photographs, confirmation of the key holder, etc.) present. If you fail to comply with above-named rules, you forfeit all rights to compensation.


10. Liability of SCI

Should the property be incompatible with the treaty, SCI is committed to provide you with an equivalent replacement site if available. If this is not possible within a reasonable time for the same price, SCI will reimburse you for a possible reduction in value, if SCI is at fault. The statutory liability for other than personal injury (for example material and pecuniary damages) is limited to the rental price (the demand of all persons involved will be added together). If anything falls on the performance of SCI international agreements or national laws apply, what are the liability limit or exclude further, these agreements or laws. The damage is attributable to the following shall not be liable SCI:

■ any act or omission by you or a joint user;

■ Unforeseeable or unavoidable omissions by third parties.

■ force majeure or events that SCI, the agent or agents, despite all due care or ward;

■ use of swimming pools, playgrounds, sports facilities of all kinds (such as tennis courts, football pitches, golf courses,training facilities). The use of these facilities is at your own risk;

■ damage and losses due to burglary. For non-contractual liability, these provisions apply analogously. The liability for auxiliary persons is excluded. International agreements and national laws with more extensive liability restrictions or exclusions take precedence.


11. Insurance

We recommend a travel insurance prior to travel and liability insurance, unless you have equivalent insurance coverage already to a sufficient extent.


12. Limitation

Claims for damages against SCI, contractual claims reserved lapse within one year. The limitation period begins on the day following the end of the lease.


13. Governing Law and Jurisdiktion

The relationship between you and SCI is subject to Swiss law. The SCI client can sue only in Zurich. SCI can sue the customer at their resident court or in Zurich.


The copyright for the entire website is located at SCI Islington. Content may not be used in another context and copied. For information on this site all liability claims are excluded.


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This is the official website Villa Vallon (Grimaud) of SCI Islington (hereinafter referred to as SCI). The person named below shall apply mutatis mutandis to information, the customer, for example go in the form of subscription newsletters. The information and rules for the use can change at any time. The changes are binding.


Intellectual property and other rights

SCI is the owner and operator of this website. All trademarks used thereon, the names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials belong to a legal entity of SCI or a contractor of the same. By accessing, downloading or copying pages no rights (use, intellectual property etc.) are acquired. The (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the Site for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent.



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Data transmission over the Internet

The Internet is an open network accessible to everyone and is therefore generally not a secure environment. Although the individual data packets are transmitted in encoded, this does not apply to the sender and the receiver. Furthermore, it is possible that data into the foreign country and therefore possibly transferred to a country with a lower data protection level than Switzerland, even if both sender and recipient are in Switzerland. For the security of data during its transmission over the Internet excludes all liability SCI.


Information about our products and services

We wish to inform you occasionally about our products and services and those of our partners and use the personally identifiable information. If you disagree, you can disagree with SCI. You will only receive our newsletter on the active consent on your part. A newsletter subscription may be terminated at any time. You will find information on the respective newsletters.


Collection and Use of Information

When accessing the website are various access data (for example IP address, date and time of access, name of the file, etc.) are stored. There will be no personal evaluations. For statistical purposes, data are evaluated anonymously, for example, to determine how many requests to take place on the website in one day. These data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be outside to third parties for commercial purposes or made accessible to other third parties, except that this by applicable law, and particularly the prosecuting authority is required. SCI has a result of your reservation or booking request additional information about different about you. In particular, this concerns:

■ Customer information (name, first name, address)

■ booking dates (start, end, object)

■ Contact details (phone, e-mail)

■ payment information (credit card information - optional)

■ interests and desires (holiday destinations, price category, life form)



With the use of the site is stored on the computers of the users of small files ("cookies"). These files serve exclusively the anonymous survey of visitor numbers and the recognition of repeat visitors for the purpose of personalization.


Data security

All your information is protected by a safety-certified server. The data are generated on the site through a third party service providers (for booking system, contact form, evaluation form, paypal link etc). These data are accessible from this reason for this service.


Our network also has a Firewall (security software) to our internal data against unauthorized access from the Internet to protect.



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